Preparing Children for Real-World Situations

We understand the key to school safety is equipping the teachers to be the true first responders, as they are usually in the immediate vicinity when an incident occurs. The RED program provides tools and resources for teachers to introduce real-world safety topics in the classroom and help keep our children safe.

The safety of children inside K-12 schools and early learning centers is a frequently discussed topic. One of the most common questions new parents ask a school is “What security measures do you have in place?”

Our Readiness Education and Development (RED) curriculum empowers teachers with tools, resources, and curriculum so they can prepare students for a variety of situations and emergencies, including bullying, fire safety, empathy, severe weather safety, and an active shooter or campus intruder. By making safety a regular part of the classroom routine, you will normalize and encourage safe practices and build resiliency.

Students learn alongside Red and his Bulldog Barrett as they help their friends navigate through tricky situations via storybooks and activity sheets that aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills. You’ll incorporate short life skill lessons into the daily routine to better prepare students, without taking away from academic instruction.

Getting young children to respond during critical incidents is no easy task. How do you address dangerous situations without instilling fear? How do we prepare students while maintaining their innocence? If you bring in a police officer or guest speaker, your entire schedule is disrupted in order to accommodate their visit. Additionally, the lesson taught is usually forgotten by the end of the day and isn’t revisited by school staff or parents at home. If children can’t remember the lesson, they will not replicate what they learned.

Approved by parents, teachers, and mental health professionals, our fun and engaging program introduces important life skills and lessons in a holistic, non-threatening, and age-appropriate manner. Furthermore, the curriculum includes take-home material for students to continue conversations with their parents at home. Getting all of the major influences in a child’s life on the same page will truly create a safer child.

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