This is home security,
from the inside out

Despite many resources and programs available to the public, most families are under-prepared to handle emergencies. At Red Team, our mission is to change this reality, one family at a time. We offer various training programs for families and communities to help you prepare for a variety of emergencies and disasters.

We understand no two families are the same. Our in-home training sessions provide customized solutions for your family so you can truly be effective and efficient during critical situations.

We provide self-defense and life-saving training designed not only to reasonably prepare students (aged 3 to 83) for accidents and attacks, but empower and equip them to respond in the best way possible to worst-case-scenarios.

Learning how to assess threats, mitigate them and assist others in emergency situations requires students to practice and execute tactics and plans in environments and situations that are as true-to-life as possible.

More than 25 years of military intelligence, security, and personal protection experience has shaped our programing and curriculum, yet each and every training session is unique, because it is modified to suit its students.

We help you build a thorough and easy-to-remember strategy, and schedule follow-up sessions to continue training as well as refresh already-learned techniques to keep you proficient.

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